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Review On Tissa Godavitarne’s Affiliate Program

There are three steps to complete in this program:

1. AFFILIATIZE (35% Display Rate)

Firstly, you are asked to sign up for ClickBank and then enter your nickname (ID). Whenever someone makes a purchase from your ClickBank, which is embedded in your search engine, you get some commissions.

Secondly, you are asked again to sign up for HD Publishing and enter your ID. HD Publishing pays 69% commission starting with the first sale (this is very high commission)

Thirdly: You sign up for and enter your ID. is the go-to people search site delivering accurate results and making staying connected easy. Just for referring people to sign up for a membership, it gives you commissions.

2. MONETIZE (65% Display Rate)

This is where you have to invest $ 10.00. Your Acme People Search Engine requires a domain name; therefore, you will have to host with Global Domain International (GDI). However, GDI gives you an opportunity to try their hosting service for seven days and an opportunity to earn income for life. Once you have completed registering with GDI, Tissa provides you his Presell Page Link (the most powerful link for promoting your Acme People Search program)


This is the biggest income stream that gives a residual income for life. You refer five people to Global Domains International (GDI) that pays you $ 5.00 per month. Each of those five people then refer five of their own, so you are now getting paid an additional $ 25.00 per month on your second level. Each of those 25 people can refer as many as they want, but for consistency, we will say that they too refer five each, that is $ 125.00 in monthly commissions on your third level. If the trend continues, you will have $ 625.00 in monthly commissions on your forth level, and $ 3,125.00 in monthly commissions on your fifth level. That is a total of over $ 3,900.00 in monthly commissions for referring five active people and then teaching them how to do the same and assisting them in growing their own organizations.

3. ADVERTISE (100% Display Rate)

Tissa will advertise your People Search Engine for free for the first 30 days. Additionally, Tissa gives you a commission of $ 125 into your Acme People Search Account. However, you need to have at least $ 200 in order to withdraw the money. Therefore, you are required to earn $ 75 more on your own. Besides, after completing this final step, you embed your Google AdSense code inside your search engine and whenever someone clicks the ads, Google pays you.

In order achieve the maximum earnings, you should complete all the three steps. You will earn back much more than what you have invested within a month.

This Acme People Search program is highly recommended only for serious, hardworking and patient people. If you are really serious, you will make an income for life – Guaranteed!

Auto Affiliate Program Review Best Clickbank Affiliate Program! !! the sales amount mentioned in this video is the old launch price and no longer available!!…

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