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For video gamers Feast of the escalating, most color display MP3 player of choice as to satisfy this desire, there are many people intend to love machine

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Plastic surgery

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Yen exchange. However, to create economical and social trend of our family shed, sensual huan who is also seeking savings wherever possible, they summed up the skills of some selected color screen MP3.

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On the color screen MP3, the screen size, the amount of features, video support format, the capacity to “upgrade” capability and service support, etc., all have the choice of savings and waste points. On the screen, 1.2 inches has been able to fully meet the daily sensual senses, is currently the most cost-effective size, blind greed means disproportionately large increase in expenditure. In terms of volume, the same is 256MB, and some MP3 players only support up to a minute of video requires 10M of space occupied by the MTV format video, compared to less than 5M in the DMV every minute format, the actual capacity of 128MB can be considered. Domestic line

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DEC and other mainstream manufacturers in the widely used constant is DMV format, and the stylish F-DEC F37R, F17R also exclusive flash + card expansion mode, so that the mainstream 256MB capacity on the scalability with the most economical option.

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From the price point of view, the same capacity, similar to the appearance of the color screen MP3 may be three hundred dollars difference. Not choose cheap even save it? Of course not. Because of shorter life, failure frequency

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Will only increase the overall cost. Different options and different materials, is causing prices of different lies. Some low-end product used in controller chips, lower prices, nor is there any technological barriers, although the features are many, but weak anti-static, sound quality over time. DEC in a very small number of big brand identity of its main products, such as DEC in the F series of commonly used constant Korea TELECHIPS, China Taiwan Sunplus dual-core programs, integrated very high processing speed, while these programs on the external circuit design requirements are very strict. DEC adopted in F37R TCC720 constant controlling IC chip on the latest generation from TELECHIPS through design? Can support video playback and cards, compared to the previous generation 731 chip, widely acclaimed, all parties has improved tremendously .

In addition, DEC and other major brands also adopted a separate storage unit (NORFLASH) to store the firmware, rather than music files exist in the same flash memory (NANDFLASH), the abnormal situation can be avoided (such as static electricity shocks and misuse) loss and damage under the firmware, and the resulting increase in expenditure on players, value for money.

With color screen MP3 price for common people, the pursuit of “luxury” properties of the players because the economy is no longer affected by love machine upgrade. The most worthy of the upgrade is “face” color display MP3 mainly CSTN, TFT, Oled three, to make love machine more enjoyable, full-color Oled is a good choice. It has thin and light, HD light, large angle (170 degrees), low power, and quick response, known as the “Dream


“Is also recognized as the industry’s most promising display technology. But due to technical and cost reasons, even the big manufacturers such as Samsung are not widely used. And DEC in the constant color in the F series line of MP3 in the use of a long life 65K-color full color Oled display, and other methods to protect the screen, greatly extending the life of Oled displays, is cause for concern.

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