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Following the donation 1.208 million yuan to disaster areas after the August 6, 2008, the U.S. Su-depth to the first line of relief?? Chengdu, Sichuan, actively involved in post-disaster reconstruction, cooperation, including China

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Cosmetic Net number of industries including media and “girlfriend”, Tencent network of mass media in the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in nearly 30 hard-hit relief funds and goods distributed stores. Miso started the industry precedent, the affected stores call “management self-help” to a new disaster relief model, the joint undertaking

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Cooperation Partners, together build a U.S. prime “heart” of the Great Wall.
Reconstruction delegate to the “fishing”
2008 5 12 14 28 , Wenchuan 8 earthquake occurred. In this disaster, the U.S. prime losses in Sichuan stores. Currently there are four store manager killed, all shops were destroyed or partially destroyed nearly 100. In the face of unexpected natural disasters, bad news in that moment affected with “loyalty”, “believe”, “ritual” and “loyalty” of the US-based prime resolutely decided to launch a new model that is to carry out disaster relief operations self-help, take concrete actions to support the reconstruction.

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The spirit of “delegate to the fish, as delegate to ‘fishing’,” the spirit of the donation ceremony at the U.S. prime who focus currently, more concerned about the future of the affected partners at the same time cash contributions and product donations. Presence of the elite corporate headquarters to help victims of the market

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Proxy Active restoration franchise business and operations, to carry out self-help, re-location from the shop decoration to the counter to place, from the supply channel to the business skills, worry that they are worried, like they want to make post-disaster re-agents and franchisees pick up confidence. “No less than those who plan to seek a global domain”, the United States to see not only the current prime dilemma is the development of the future.

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Their love of social responsibility Rare major earthquake to hit the people causing great disasters, shock and affects the mind of every Chinese. As a cosmetics industry leading enterprises, Lan Group actively involved in the Sichuan earthquake relief in the earthquake-stricken areas.

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14 days, a positive response by the Chinese Buddhist Temple Group Hair & Beauty Association, the initiative of contributions to the first donated 10 million yuan of disaster areas, give full play to the exemplary as a leader, a model.

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15 days, in the Lan Group, ZHENG Chun-Ying, Chairman of the person called and driven to all staff for emergency action group, donations to support earthquake relief action, fully embodies the “beauty of China, Buddhist Temple are responsible” purposes. The staff raised relief amounting to 108,000 yuan.

Not only within the company, Lan group actively fulfill the obligations of corporate citizenship, at 16, the National Women’s Federation’s “My Heart disaster area, calls for major linkage of love,” the public good evening, and once again contribute 1 million yuan, the spirit of “time is life, the disaster that is the command “in the first time all the money sent to the disaster area.

“Meaning” horse at the head never give up
On May 21, in the U.S. prime skin thoroughly white new conference, the face of 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake brought the suffering of the people of the United States who put themselves in prime. And never let up the social responsibility as a corporate citizen, and more did not give up long-standing aim of the “United States” brought to every corner. With the National

Other Regional agents and franchisees together to launch one yuan caring activities, on-site decisions as long as a bottle of white skin thoroughly series of new products, plus 1 per love Miso Company Qiangzai additional 1 yuan, you add one, I added a, United States human factors work together to tide over the crisis, disaster relief, relief, Sichuan U.S. prime partner! Miso Zhao Wei Hung, director of the company under the leadership of the first act, employees within the company launched a positive contribution to the collapse of the agents and franchise stores quickly sent to dozens of top shelf marketing support, and called on all to join Shop earthquake relief, business self-help, for the love of action. Indeed affect the whole body, a U.S. prime time all were active up and down to the “love” of high-speed operation.

“Loyalty” on duty “Li” and the partners

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