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Software Info 101: Key Features of Cemetery Management Software

Just when you thought it’s only the media, communication and retail conglomerates that utilize software to make their business management easier, it turns out the death sector has database software of its own too. It’s made specifically to cater to the needs of family members who want to have a wonderful and haste-free memorial service for their deceased. Here are the following key features of the software:

Burial Plot Sales
The burial plot sales feature makes recording of the plot fees easy to track and manage. The input of data is made using map interface tools, which are then recorded and saved as part of the entire graphic information system database record. GIS is designed to store all internment data into one file.

Deed Generation
Every estate acquired by an existing family member from the deceased needs proof of deed. It’s a document under seal, delivered to certify a transfer of property from one person to another. It can be hard to draft, but the software has a deed generation system, making the process easier. You can even use an existing template which can be printed, signed, and notarized.

Internment Information
The cemetery management software gives the existing family member comprehensive overview of the information on the deceased, which often includes personal information of the deceased, plot ownership information, and internment information. Family members can also be provided with a digital photograph and a visual map of the plot to be used by the deceased, as well as electronic memorial modules.

Information Search
Family members who are looking for their ancestors and long-time deceased relatives can do so without taking a hassling trip to city halls, as the cemetery management software is considered a powerful tool in locating plot records which provides the family members the information they need. The software utilizes multiple information fields and a map interface which the user can navigate to search for a plot.

Adequate Reports
The traditional way of handling cemetery reports back then is often made manually wherein the person will list all the information one by one on paper. This way is prone to errors and glitches due to typos; and environmental conditions (i.e. documents can be destroyed by fire or water). With the utilization of cemetery management software, reports will be made easily as all the information is already collated on the database – from sales reports, accounting and transfer of deeds to internment records and activities. Visit for more information.

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