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Stanford offers free tuition for families making less than $125000

Stanford offers free tuition for families making less than 5000
Stanford also said it will offer free room and board — in addition to free tuition — for those making less than $ 65,000, raised from the previous $ 60,000 threshold. Without financial aid, annual costs for a typical Stanford student run about $ 65,000 …
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How WhatsApp Makes Money
In some countries, the app costs about $ 1 to download; in others, the first year is free but, each subsequent year costs $ 1. With over 700 million active users and about 1 million new users per day, yearly revenue can be estimated at $ 700 million per year.
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Jay Z's Tidal costs too much money to be the future of music
Free streaming tiers, according to the Financial Times, brought US labels only $ 295 million in the US in 2014, compared with the $ 800 million created by paid subscriptions. That's a significant difference. But if Tidal really wanted to make the most …
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