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State Favored By The United States By The Exclusive Rights To Mickey Mp3 Mainland – Gome, Mp3, Mitch

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Mickey MP3

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05 9 12, construction of which lasted 5 years

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Hong Kong Disneyland

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Grand opening ceremony, which attracted worldwide attention, once again set off a global wave of Disney. At the same time, to commemorate Disney’s iconic “figure” 77 anniversary of the birth of Mickey Mouse, Disney’s well-introduced Limited Edition Mickey

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Global start

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, In which mainland China by the

States United States

Electrical Exclusive


, Arrival time, in 2006 New Year’s Day. Recently, Gome stores in China began to accept more than 330 pre-order.

As the first animated Disney animated image of the Kingdom, one of Mickey Mouse from the moment he was born, they are sought after many animation fans, has many irons in the world “fans.” Now, Mitch has been a classic business




, Accessories to the bag, stationery, Mickey’s image is almost everywhere. Mitch is also the landing animation earlier in Mainland China, “people” one of his resourcefulness, courage, humor, emotional civilian heroes, accompanied by several generations of people have gone through a memorable era of childhood, since the hearts of many adults with children , still has a hard to forget the Mickey “complex.”

Now, this MP3 is more accelerated, “Mickey hot” temperature. This digital products and fashion products in the past most other Mickey difference is that the great scientific and technological content of its integration in the most classic cartoon image of the body, that is, the overall shape as the classic MP3 Mickey smiles. Selection of traditional and elegant black, white, or red, because it is presented by the color of endometrial transfer technology, it will not bleaching; large-capacity designs, the total storage capacity of 512M; 8 menu languages (including English) , North America, Asia, Europe of three FM frequencies; with SH


High brightness


Screen; support recording; low

Energy consumption

May benefit


Brain USB output current for charging; the same time, a number of random pre-installed first Disney classic music. To ensure this product to commemorate and


The value of Disney products on selected raw materials which are rigorously specified and limited in the global market.

Gome was able to obtain exclusive marketing rights of this product, industry analysis, mainly to Disney to see China and the United States in the Mainland

Appliance Retail

A significant market position, large and intensive


The enormous network of marketing capabilities. In particular, recently, the national chain and the expansion of the United States and in several big moves, such as acquired Black Swan, easily acquired a good home, completed a market


Layout, etc., caused widespread attention outside the industry, naturally acquired such as Disney World famous enterprises.

Reporter then interviewed Li Juntao, general manager of Gome’s selling for, he said


, Digital consumer electronics products such as entering the country although the U.S.


Field for a short time, but it is the fastest growing categories of GOME, the key of which is that the U.S. attaches great importance to the introduction of new country, especially the personalized distinctive new products, and household appliances GOME Youyi advanced marketing techniques to run the new Therefore, to achieve first mover.

Why is the “futures” form, General Li explained that, for such a treasured classic product, whether it is careful collection, or gift to others, are a good choice, it is bound to bring to market to buy the globe. The limited number of MP3 in turn was of 35 branches, more than 330 stores, “partition”, so, for the diversion of consumers to ensure that the product really want to have this desire of consumers ahead of schedule, the National United States to take the form of futures sales. Arrive until the New Year period. As for pre-order the specific time and specific location, Lee also reminded the local country total U.S. newspaper



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