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Teenfav Social Press – Run Your Own Social Network on Word Press $88

Teenfav Social Press – Run Your Own Social Network on Word Press

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Turnkey Social Press website – Turnkey Social bookmarking website

Run Your Own Social Network on Word Press

Turnkey Social Network website on Word Press

Established and Running social press network and social bookmarking site and online members easily join in this social networking site and building site traffic and popularity and possible and very profitable to run niche social network site.

Easy setting up and running a social network site easy and simple.

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Do not have to write a single word on any page of the site

Get all bookmarked content from other sites visitors and members

This turnkey social press site that allows you to have…

Site visitors can join in social bookmarking site as members – just like on the big press.

Visitors join sites like DIGG – free links and eyeballs to their own sites

Option to customize most things in this site; most options are on one simple page and can be changed with just a few clicks of your mouse

Most features and the functionality like big social bookmarking sites like

Members can “vote up” the stories on the site

Members can save posts to their favorites for later reading.

Members can search your site to find exactly what they need.

Members can share your posts on other social media sites

Same as Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest

When someone joins this Turnkey Social Press website will automatically send them a welcome email – and as you see below you can fully customize that email

Whoever joins this site can submit his own links is looking for more traffic to his sites… So this is the perfect place to sell them something

Export your leads and add them to your own email list

With just a single click you can export all this members as leads!

The export generates a handy .CSV file which is exactly what you need to easily add them to any autoreponder service like for example Aweber and GetResponse.

You don’t have to rely only on members

You can fill these sites with quality contents and newsfeed to this site on few clicks on auto schedule post, without writing a single word

Simple and easy to add posts to this Turnkey Social Press website – you don’t even have to enter the WP-admin area!

These members will be bookmarking and submitting links in exactly the same way.

Find an article or post you want to bookmark. Get the link and Click on “Submit a Link” – and paste a link in link box or the easy bookmarking button you can drag to this browser’s toolbar!

Any posts on this site can be share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, by owners and these members… also anyone who visits this Turnkey Social Press website

Here’s what it looks like when one of this posts is share on Facebook…

When people click that link on Facebook, they come to THIS site!

But this is perhaps the most clever monetization feature…

By simply entering any link you want in this “Theme Options”

Can activate a super powerful pop-under ad, whenever this visitors click on ANYTHING on this site

A very unobtrusive pop-under with this site link will open behind their current browser window.

(You can add any site link or affiliate link through theme option that will popup)

Through Turnkey Social bookmarking website sending clicks to other sites – this is a great extra way to monetize this traffic and get this own ads in front of people.

The pop under works great with squeeze pages, making Turnkey Social bookmarking website an even more powerful lead generator


With monetization features this powerful it’s no wonder that…

While setting up our demo Turnkey Social bookmarking website you have already seen.

I shared a post on Facebook, testing the feature to make sure everything was working.

I didn’t expect much. I was testing, not looking for traffic, but then this happened…

1 Facebook share started turning into to traffic:

The visitors were viewing more than the post I shared on Facebook… They were reading more articles and spending a lot of time on my site.

Since I had put an Amazon ad widget on my sidebar, I decided it was time to log in and see if I had gotten any bites.

1 share on Facebook got me two autopilot Amazon sales!

That means you can have this members submit and bookmark links on this Turnkey Social bookmarking website

We have combined create a Word Press theme that is both a blog and a fully functional social press at the same time while being so easy to operate

In fact this is a most likely the most powerful and advanced site you have ever seen!


Social bookmarking and blogging goes hand in hand… and it would benefit all bloggers to have their own social press website.

We are extremely proud to be able to introduce…Social Bookmarking is big business…

With millions of dollars in monthly revenue and billions in venture capital changing hands with the sale of single sites – Social bookmarking sites have also become an integrated part of the internet backbone…

If you as blogger aren’t using social bookmarking sites as part of this marketing, you are missing out on huge amounts of traffic and sales.

That of course begs the question: “If social bookmarking is so important to blogging

We set out to investigate this – and what we found was quite interesting..

You can use this turnkey Social press site to build on ANY topic you want!

Including single niches or a big site covering multiple topics like for example Digg.

Anyway… I’m sure you’ll have to agree that the design looks very crisp, clean and professional!

You know as well as I do – that any marketer worth his salt will join a site at the mere whiff of a free backlink!

And that’s not even the best part!

But I want to be completely honest with you here…

You are probably not going to get thousands of members sign up on the first day.

Will this Teenfav Social Press sites get members over time? … Absolutely!

Yeah it will happen over time, but you’ll have to populate this own site with content to grow it first.

If you think about it… I’m pretty sure the first few hundred posts on Digg were bookmarked by the programmers themselves.

But… what about duplicate content?

First of all let me drive a big fat stake right through the heart of this myth. Google’s duplicate content penalty is just that… a myth!

Now there is a duplicate content penalty – but it only relates to having the same content twice or more on the SAME site. Google does not like that, because it was one of the old dodgy SEO tricks – spin and rewrite the same article multiple times to build more pages on the same domain.

However Google has no problem with the same content being on multiple different sites. If Google penalized duplicate content none of the article directories, social bookmarking sites etc. would ever rank in Google… But they do, and they usually rank very high.

The key is to curate content – and that is exactly what you and this members will be doing with Teenfav Social Press…

Think of it as being the curator of a museum. You collect valuable and interesting content that other people have produced.

You sort them, verify them and display them neatly for the public. Thus performing a service, making it easier for people to find what they want.

If you have a good content curation site like Teenfav Social Press, with carefully picked quality content – Google will realize that you are helping their search customer find what they are looking for and they will reward you for it.

I wasn’t kidding when I said you could do this without ever writing a single post thisself!

But the Teenfav Social Press theme also gives you the option to write this own posts and pages like you normally would in WordPress.

You can build a site entirely with curated content… Or do any mix of this own posts and curated content you like!


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