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The 15 Hottest Tech Companies In Cambridge

The 15 Hottest Tech Companies In Cambridge
It uses cinematic techniques and advanced animation to make its games similar to movies in their presentation. 2007 saw the release of Heavenly Sword, a fighting game that used the same kind of motion-capture suits used in Hollywood movies. It might …
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Canada government sites taken over by hackers
A small group of hackers supporting an Ottawa teenager who was arrested for making prank phone calls in North America is believed to be the responsible party, the New York Times reported. The hoax calls actually led to the dispatch of police to several …
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Last Minute Bitcoin Enthusiast Gift Guide for 2014
Many Bitcoiners have approached the concept of digital money not just because it's an interesting way to pay for services, but because it provides a particular sense of security. As a result, a number of Bitcoin enthusiasts are also aware of their own …
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