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The Deadly Mistake Affiliates Make and How You Can Make More Money

Here a fact: Most people who get started in affiliate marketing waste hundreds of dollars on pay per click because they want instant wealth.

The reason why they blow money away is because they have no idea about the meaning of most marketing marking terms like cpc, ctr, or the different methods they need to use to generate floods of traffic to the site of the merchant they are trying to promote.

Make no mistake: hundreds of people are making millions of dollars online and if you are not, it is because you do not have the knowledge they have. Most people jump on the band wagon without the knowledge and end up losing money then give up.

People who give up settle. They don’t do what it takes to learn then become frustrated. They usually end up blaming others for their faults and go back to their day jobs where they’ll retire broke.

In order to be successful you have to discipline yourself to execute a good plan. Instead of trying to get a quick fix through pay per click, start with articles, forums, and free websites like Squidoo, blogger and WordPress. Do not underestimate how your accumulated effort can cause you to see digits in your bank account rising because you are doing what it takes to win.

If you’re going to promote a product on ClickBank, use a certain method. Make sure the product converts well then write one article that drives traffic to your free webpage that explains a little bit more about the product. If you are not familiar with the niche, Google the terms and spend a few hours researching the product so that you can write a good article.

Here’s a process you can use to promote products. Discipline yourself to go through this process step by step with each product you are trying to promote. You’ll be amazed at the results.

1. Select the product you want to promote.

2. Open a free website through blogger, Squidoo, or WordPress

3. Research the key words for the product so that you can know what words customers are typing into search engines in search of the product you want to promote. Just type in keywords search in one of the search engines and they should have free tools.

4. Write an eye catching article that will persuade others to click and read it. Your title should stir their curiosity. Be creative.

5. After you are finished writing your article, sign up on a free articles website such as ezine so that you can publish your article to drive traffic to your website.

6. Make sure that you have links on your website with your ClickBank id so that you can send traffic to the merchants website to get paid for referrals.

7. Invest in your knowledge. If you don’t know how to make tons of money, do what you can to learn from others who do.

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