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The wonderful Historical past involving Bragan?a Paulista

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The actual territory regarding Braganca Paulista is located in the Southeast area of S?o Paulo State, in the Serra da Mantiqueira. The storyline Affirms that this journey of the D. Francisco de Souza, after traversing the the southern part of Minas Gerais, discovered the actual Pico do Lopo (Lopo peak) in the vicinity of the present-day location of Vargem, and ali camped.

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This can be a 1st reports that if someone should have walked on land Bragantinas. Years subsequently, in 1725, Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva (the 2nd Anhanguera) toured the bragantina region and, with the uncovering of rare metal in the Centre of the country, right here was staying customary passage of adventurers of entries and banners.

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Ant?nio Pires Pimentel and their spouse Ign?cia da Silva Pimentel, residents in the after that Area of serenity of Atibaia, in fulfilment of a promises, create a church erected in praises in order to Nossa Senhora da Concei??o, on a hill, on the right traditional bank of Ribeir?o Penknife (today Footwashing, small river Jaguary). Affirms the story which Ant?nio Pires Pimentel has been tired and had by health professionals. After that his spouse Ign?cia da Silva Pimentel created a promise to Nossa Senhora da Concei??o and reached the grace. In gratitude, the pair built the Church to venerate the Santa. And that place, then began to offer as a rest for the muleteers who by Ali went and began to appear around the Chapel, ranches and tents. Therefore came about the tiny town that was named Concei??o do Jaguary as the Foundation date of 15th December 1763.

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On February 13, 1765, the village is recognized and offered the name of tranquility District and parish of Concei??o do Jaguary. Several days later, Concei??o do Jaguary receives its first Vicar and the parish is high. In October 17 de1797, disconnects out of Atibaia and receives the name of Vila Nova Braganca, name this connected to Portuguese history for years and years, in whose dynasty ruled Portugal and Brazil. 20 April 1856, is called Bragan?a. Three years after, are along with it extra four municipalities: Pedra Bela, Pinhalzinho, Vargem and Tuiuti. Upon 30 November 1944, to distinguish itself in the city of Par? that acquired the same name, these days called Bragan?a Paulista. In addition to because of its excellent environment, on October 28, 1964, was elevated to the classification of Climate Resort. On February 24, 1964, loses part of its territory with the dismemberment of the areas of Vargem, Pinhalzinho and Pedra Bela. In April 17, 1970, Vargem is reinstated to the territory bragantino. In addition to 30 December 1991 and even again Vargem diverge Tuiuti of Bragan?a.

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Located in the heart of the a lot of produced region of the country, Braganca Paulistaquickly established itself as one of the most promising business center on November 29, 1984, Bragan?a was recognized as the chair of the region of S?o Paulo State Government, consists of 13 towns comprise the Bragantina Region now.


The story Affirms that the identify can be issued to a Colonial, with the identify of Braganza, who had a ranch for muleteers, with pastures of lease in the locality of Pocketknife, in the late 18th century. However no document reveals have existed such English. Officially, date 28 November 1797 the edict of the creation of “Villa Nova Bragan?a”. The name chosen was possibly in honour of the reigning House in Bragan?a, Portugal dinarquia since 1640. This identify NEW Bragan?a, Bragan?a evoked the older situated in Portugal, near the small river Ferven?a, 12 km from your Spanish national boundaries.


The Portuguese have developed from Bragan?a ruins of old Brigantia, in Portugal. Within
times of the Romans was already a very important city. In the course of continuous wars of Christians and Arabs, she was taken and pillaged often. Placed it, the name Braganza was costly to Portuguese soul, as a symbolic representation of tradition and bravery. Here in Brazil, after the creation of New Bragan?a (S?o Paulo) in 1797, D. Pedro elevates the city the then village of Fortaleza, in 1823 (today the capital of the State of Cear?), allowing it the name City fortress of New Bragan?a. Yet another town with the identical name could arise in the then state of Par?. Simply in 1944, our city complete the Braganca Paulista, to distinguish that city of Par?. Also the name Braganza can be found in the next areas:

1) Bragan?a-Rio State of Esp?rito Santo, tributary of the right bank of the Santa Maria;
2) Bragan?a-Bank located in Ocean 60 miles of Guajar? Bay in the State of Par?;
3) Bragan?a-Island of Par? State, between the Atlantic and the mouth area of the Amazon, in the municipality of Macapa; and finally
4) Bragan?a-city of Par? State, situated on the left bank of the rio Caet?.


Established 25 August 1956, Braz?o weaponry of Bragan?a Paulista, formatting
English, round, divided and topped by tripartite, deprival of mural Crown
municipality, also known as Municipalista Tower. contain the subsequent meanings:
first corner on the left, the Braz?o weapons family Pires Pimentel, green, silver with five scallops in santor; Silver surrounds, loaded with eight p?teas red crosses. Tribute to the founders of the area Ant?nio Pires Pimentel and the spouse Ign?cia Pires da Silva Pimentel. Within the second corner on the right the Braz?o arms of the Royal House of Bragan?a (Portugal), silver color with Red quotes, loaded with five Old mannequin dressed of Portugal. Honor of d. Jo?o VI, of the Royal House of Portugal Bragan?a, family, in whose honour some of our location took the identify which these days provides. Within the third, beneath, of gold, a flower-liz blue, tribute to Nossa Senhora da Concei??o, patroness of the area (origin of the name Concei??o do Jaguary), denoting the Religious vocation of the municipality. Aguado silver, remembering that Bragan?a was developed to the riverbank Jaguary. 2 branches of the pure fruity coffee production is the major town founded in the plantation of coffee culture. Listel silver with the letters: Altiora Ad, as motto. Sets the character’s own bragantino people meant to higher issues, what characterizes your labour to the conquest on the future, in enhancing their hope and the love of work.


The region in which Bragan?a is portion of the so-called Northern crystalline area of S?o Paulo State, boundary with the State of Minas Gerais. The sub-tropical climate is frankly dominant. The hydrography is dominated by the rivers Jaguari and Atibaia, part of the big Paran? basin. Vegetation formed in part by secondary formations. Bragan?a relief can be ripped as following:
a) moguls, popularly named crist?lias by saws or peaks, with altitudes between 1200-1330 metres, a)asupporting considerable pastures, animals and decadent coffee plantations, although the predominance fits to pastures;
b) areas amorreadas on average 900 metres, with coffee, culture of substance (maize) and business vegetation (tomato, potato English);
c) v?rzeas quarten?rias, plan?sseis foundation amount, beneath 900 metres altitude, but exceeding 750 metres, lived in with rice production and horticulture. The municipality is normally mountainous. Between the saws major faced the East (side of Minas Gerais) in serra do Lopo, the Morro dos Souzas and Guaripocaba. On the South, the morro da Gaiter. For the North and East, the hills of the Swamp, macaws as well as Anhumas.


BIQUINHA WATERS-water of biquinhas constituted one of the most important treasures of the city. It was old, no doubt, whenever arrived the constructors on this civilization. Turned legend. Some people say that those who ingest, will will no longer though. These kinds of fonts amais decades, accompanied the city life. Unfortunately some were extinct in the 1980s. A banded at the downtown Street of independence in the village spring (perhaps the most famous); 2 at the end of Rua Jos? Domingues, near the petrol station; one more at the end of AV. Pires Pimentel, facing the Lake of Tabo?o; A further variant on the verge of Tabo?o, also facing the Lake; and another at the beginning of AV. Eus?bio Savaio. These kinds of were the most popular and identified, which often socorriam population, the possible lack of water.

7 MOUNTAINS (City Poetry)
Such as Rome, Bragan?a lies between seven mountains, that valleys by shading and highlighting the manifestation “City poetry”. Each Hill, a parish: Santa Terezinha Lib?nia, Santa, Santa Luzia and S?o Jos?; the Cathedral and the Rosary, in the Centre (fifth Hill); the parish of Vila Aparecida (sixth Hill), and lastly the seventh Hill, exactly where is the Cruise, bairro Vila Maria.

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