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This Guy Says He Can Make 20-Year-Old Rum in 6 Days

This Guy Says He Can Make 20-Year-Old Rum in 6 Days
Reducing that time ultimately became a bit of a quest for Davis, and he started tinkering with the science of aging as a hobby around 2008, immersing himself in researching the chemical reactions that take place inside the barrel and partnering with a …
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Measure Your Performance Like A Professional Trader
How you start this push toward professionalism and what core issues do you need to focus on to make that jump? (See: What It Takes To Become An Elite Trader). Let's start with a reality check: while it's great that you've survived long enough to get to …
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Rand Paul plans campaign against Hillary Clinton honesty
Rand Paul, sitting down with POLITICO an hour after announcing his presidential bid, repeatedly attacked the honesty of Hillary Clinton and what he called the “shenanigans” of her family foundation — a window into his plan to make an issue of her …
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6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence
If you're about to spring clean your apartment, or — let's be real — you're in bed with a mug of wine, binge-watching crap on Netflix, thinking about hiring some service to spring clean your hovel chillax, baby, no one's judging you. HOWEVER, if …
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