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Travel Deals & Best Hotels Vietnam

Vietnam and the neighboring countries Laos and Cambodia have been for few decades a real black hole on the tourist map of southeastern Asia. This happened due to the Vietnamese wars (first against France, after that against the USA), bloody regime of Red Khmer from Cambodia and occupation of Laos by the communist Vietnamese army at the end of 70′. Because the entire region was very dangerous, no tourist visited it and for this reason the tourism industry stopped practically to exist in this countries. Starting with 90′ of the last century, countries from this area made democratic changes, became safe for holiday makers and different travel deals to Vietnam started to be again available. In fact, the destroyed tourist infrastructure permitted that reconstruction of accommodation units to start from scratch, so now hotels in Vietnam belong to the most modern and well developed of entire Asia!

Vietnam attracts now a category of holiday makers who want to enjoy a totally different kind of vacation as offered in other classical travel destinations. First at all, as mentioned above, Vietnam has a brand new tourist infrastructure, its 4 and 5 star hotels, especially in the capital city Hanoi and the second largest city Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), are really great and offer a very high level of comfort and services. On the other hand, there are available some great travel deals to Vietnam, many of them being all inclusive package deals. Even if it include everything, from accommodation to meals, from transportation to professional travel guides, this packages are offered at very affordable prices and this fact makes this country more and more requested at tourist agencies from different countries such as Australia and UK. You can booking tours, travel hotels vietnam at of Tuntravel

There are different tours and travel deals available, longer and shorter, tailored for all sized pockets and vacation budgets. To mention just a few of the most requested ones: Mekong Delta Scenic Tour, Boating Excursion in Halong Bay, Can Gio Forest Tour, Temples and Culture Tour in My Son, Saigon City Tour, Halong Bay Cruise, Motorbike Adventure in Vietnam, Con Dao Island Excursion, Mekong Delta Exploration, Mountain Villages of Vietnam Tour and many, many others. This are featured tours and vacation deals, but independent travelers can book their own accommodation in different hotels, hire a local guide and customize their holiday as they wish. Still, to enjoy really what this beautiful Asian country has to offer, independent travelers should make a serious research and choose the most rewarding tourist destinations. Some of the possible customized tours in Vietnam could be a tour of the most important Buddhist temples or the exploration of mountain villages.

Indifferently of the chosen deals to Vietnam and the hotels in which tourists have accommodation, a fact is clear: holidays spent in this unbelievable beautiful country belong to the most exotic possible and memories gained during different tours of Vietnam will last a lifetime! And after people taste the local cuisine they will fall in love with it instantly and after go home will start to looking for the closest Vietnamese restaurants from their neighborhood!

Victor Tuszin

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