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United States: Electronic Waste Recycling Together The Strengths Of All – Electronic Waste Recycling

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With Mobile , Computers and personal digital cameras and other consumer electronic products become increasingly popular replacement at a much faster, as the global information technology leader in the United States, abandoned the number of consumer electronics products is also increasing.

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According to statistics, in 2005 the United States abandoned
TV Machines, personal computers, mobile phones, printers, scanners, fax machines and other electronic products weighing up to 200 tons, of which 80% to 85% drop in the main landfill within, only 15% to 20% of recycling and reuse , in the municipal solid waste flow in the ratio close to 2%. Experts worry that electronic products contains lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants and other hazardous substances handled properly will harm the environment. To this end, the United States in the consumer electronics waste “recycling” is beginning to do a lot of work, made some practical results.

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Now state the following U.S. states and local governments in the electronics recycling and management plays an important role. State, local government not only needs to electronics recycling and “recycling” promotion to raise funds but also to identify well-qualified manufacturers of electronic products discarded security “recycling.” Data show that the United States during the period 1980 to 2004, sold about half of consumer electronics products are still in use or re-use, while 9% remained idle not abandoned. Figures show that from 1999 to 2005, due to sharp increase in the number of discarded electronic products, although the United States for such products, “recycling” an increasing number, but the “recycling” ratio is not significantly increased. Recovery of the face of growing demand, the power of the executive branch alone has been stretched, many local governments overwhelmed, held every year at most only once or twice a waste product recycling activities.

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Order to achieve complementarity, to make up for state governments lack of resources, the United States began to pay attention to business and the advantages of public-private partnership model. 2003 launched the “cycle of electronic products into” voluntary co-operation projects, by the Federal

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Environmental protection Department, electronics manufacturers, retailers and service operators work together to “recycle” waste electronic products and open up more channels for manufacturers, retailers, government and consumers share the responsibility for recycling electronic products. Since the project launched in 2003, the nation’s “recycled” to reach 142 million pounds of electronic products. Which in 2007 alone, according to retailers and manufacturers committed to the voluntary “recycling” electronic product weighs 47 million pounds on its greenhouse gas reduction effects equivalent to an annual decrease of 32,000 on the road

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Car . Computers, televisions and mobile phones have been living in the U.S. e-waste the first three, but, unfortunately, most consumers how to carry mobile phones, “recycled” and where to mobile phone “recycling” not very gains a result, old mobile phones every year in America, “recycling” rate of less than 20%. In order to improve cell phone rate, in January 2008 as a “cycle of electronic products into” an important part of cooperation projects, the Federal Environmental Protection and handset manufacturers, service providers and retailers jointly launched the old mobile phones, “recycle” campaign . By posting public

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Advertisement Issuance of podcasts and other means, please remove doubts and answer difficult industry experts to explore the mobile phone “and then use” and “recycling” of the various methods to improve the public’s old mobile phones, “recycling” and donation awareness. This activity by AT & T,

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Best Buy , LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Telecom, Odie office supplies company
Nokia , Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other industry giants Staples positive response.
U.S. cell phone recycling program
variety, good quality waste cleaned or refurbished cell phone are sent to charitable organizations for the “re-use” or sold to low-income discount. Repair of old mobile phones are difficult to send “recycled” deal.

Federal EPA
phone as a “recycling” the top priority, because there are multiple considerations. First, the “recycling” the use of a substantial value. Almost all mobile phone parts, and even packaging materials are available for “recycling” to create new products. Phone containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, gold and old copper, tin, zinc and other different metal, distilled for jewelry, electroplating, electronics, plumbing, automotive and art casting and other industries, production of automobile catalytic converters, Pipeline cocks and gold and silver jewelry.

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