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Vehicle And Equipment Needs What? Large Inventory Buying Guide – Car Mp3, Car Cleaners, Car Air Pump

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Season now more people who buy a new car, buy car, the added number of new equipment, may make your car more moisture than life Oh!

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Car MP3 : Let’s always online
Car MP3 Not only bring you great convenience and enjoyment, and you no longer have to wear headphones to listen to MP3, and it also avoids many of the unsafe driving factors.

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Note: the products on the market sizes, product packaging is very rough, not enough of their MP3’s work fine. Therefore, we must do shop around the time of purchase.

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Sell Price: about 180 -300 dollars
Car Vacuum Cleaner: Maintenance car anti-dust anti-bacteria
Many owners believe that the car was sent to the dirty Car wash Housing wash on it. In actual fact, washing room for you to wash your car often will focus on the body surface clean of dust, but dust on the interior space but do not get bit. So, I suggest you chose a car vacuum cleaner, as long as gently inserted into cigarette lighter Power supply , The start button, you can do anytime, anywhere for the car interior cleaning. On matters related to health issues, believe that every owner will not be taken lightly. Of course, this compact car owners, car vacuum cleaner will become an essential fashion equipment.

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Tip: car vacuum cleaner power different price points are different. In the purchase, first determine their own purposes. In general, 100 watts or less for ordinary users, but have to drive to the owners of the field, choose high-power products.

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Sales price: about 130 yuan per -320
Car air pump: the car at any time qi
Long-distance travel or travel, the wheel pressure enough to allow drivers to the most difficult thing. Inflated because it is not able to find places anywhere, so prepare a portable air pump car becomes very necessary.

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Although the car looks more like the appearance of pump iron, but the functions are quite a lot: not only with lights and gauges, while pump is also equipped with a variety of inflatable mouth, this way, in addition to give Car Inflatable wheel, but also can give a bike, Motorcycle The wheels of vehicles such as inflatable.

Affiliate, Website, Turnkey, Money Making

Tip: Now some car manufacturers in the manufacture of new vehicles, the car has a portable air pump as a necessary vehicle equipment, vehicle owners to buy a car, should first understand your own car there is no such configuration.

Sales price: around 150 -300 dollars
Car Power Adapter: as easy as you like at home
Drive out to the sights, experience a digital camera without electricity or turn on the computer, the red light will be prompted to automatically shut down, if they are to catch up with you, and really is a bit too unpleasant. However, if you can early detection of this vehicle power adapter, you will feel like traveling drive as easy at home.

Plugging into cigarette lighter jack, it can be converted to DC and home DC12V same AC220V AC power, so that electrical appliances can be used in the car, as easy as at home.

Thus, in going out to work or travel, you can be cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, electric shavers, games, Car refrigerator Bring all electrical appliances such as your car, so you can enjoy in the wild, such as at home treatment. You will find this to be used in mobile variable AC DC converter, for the life of your car a lot of convenience.

Tip: the time of purchase must pay attention to product quality, product quality, but if off, then use will be very dangerous. So be sure to buy these products see the product manufacturer, and pay attention to such matters.

Sales price: around 160 -280 dollars

I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as spring riders Manufacturer , China playground, Plastic Toy,and more.

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