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Website Affiliate Programs – Why Do They Fail 95% of the Time?

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Why do website affiliate programs and the newbies that join them typically fail to achieve success year after year? Well, the truth is that they fall short because they tend to replicate the same errors. So, in spite of of which of the website affiliate programs the internet newbie decides upon, their behaviors are comparable and their outcome are regrettably typical. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are the top reasons why I see website affiliate programs and the internet newbies that join them failing over and over again. Make sure you are not one of them! Let’s get going…

First, most newbies are baffled about opportunities on hand to them. They don’t recognize the distinction between an MLM, an Affiliate program or pay for work. There is a vast difference between these types of programs and each one is eye-catching to a dissimilar type of internet newbie who is looking for a website affiliate program or opportunity.

So, the first choice you must make is whether you want to use your personal time and get compensated for it OR do you want to toil with no promise of pay. The first option is safer with a lesser return. I mean, you only have so many hours in a daylight hours so your wage can’t exceed your time availability. The second choice is the top long term answer for newbies looking to make money through website affiliate programs and is usually the course they choose because it is most eagerly accessible to them. However, this is the start of the end. Read on…

The rationale that this path is the start of their business letdown is because website affiliate programs that internet newbies join never get a chance to succeed. And, it’s because they quit too early! They come into these businesses expecting to hit the “internet lottery” and never look at it as a real company. In a real offline business, it is not unusual to only see a return after putting several YEARS and shelling out hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars. With the pace of the internet this can be reduced to 12 months or less but still, most internet newbies don’t want to linger that long. Instead, they want to actually make money online now. Heck, they should be worthy of it, right?

As soon as the riches don’t come in promptly enough the website affiliate programs get blamed straight away. Because the newbies are fading and because they don’t want to come clean that they didn’t labor hard enough they spin the responsibility and point fingers. And, because of human character they immediately play the fault game, lose belief of everybody on the internet and tell their associates (if they own up it at all) “I got taken for, no one makes cash online, etc.” What a disgrace because they will swiftly reverse to their “secure” jobs and exist in self-satisfaction once more.

The moral of this tale is that website affiliate programs and the internet newbies that join them launch by giving expectation and enthusiasm to newbies all over. This rapidly becomes contempt for the website affiliate programs that got them into this company and lastly, in a matter of weeks or days, they are where they began. Except for, at this point they have enough terror in their brains that it may take another year (or ten) before they attempt it again. So, if you are one of the numerous internet newbies that are looking into one of the scores of website affiliate programs then confirm you are looking at this as a marathon and not a sprint to riches. Take care of it appropriately and you can be one of the 5% of internet newbies who becomes part of a website affiliate program and actually does mature to be a leader!

Todd Wesley is an internet marketer that teaches men and women everywhere to actually make money online, from home. Through his program he can show you how to start your business tonight and start making real money this week. To get started go to

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