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Website Design Turn Offs

How come many online businesses flop even with the best intentions to sell their product that has something really good to offer? One of the strategies that online businesses fail to recognize is that their website must have a good website design.

With a good website design, people will be more attracted to come and see what you have got to offer. But then again, what kind of website design turn people off?

Basically, one of the many things that turn people off when it comes to a website design is when it’s very hard to navigate around. That means that because the design is too complicated, the client doesn’t know where to go. Either the menu can’t be found elsewhere, or there is just no menu at all but just full of pictures and words. The menu bar should have a clear classification on what pages it will lead to so that the client will not get lost.

Another disadvantage when people get the wrong website design is when they put too much information. The online website owner may mean good when he wants to provide as much information as he wants to his clients, however, the information that he should provide should be one that should not be so lengthy. It may be short, but still concise and hits the mark. Clients don’t want to read a novel. So if possible when making a website design in terms of content, make it something that the client can easily scan or skim through.

Another major turn off is when the website design is so complicated that the big file size makes it so heavy that when your client navigates through another page, it takes about fifty years for them to wait for the page to completely load.

When doing a website design, make sure the file size is just small so that the page will easily load.

Lastly, the website design should be one that is harmonious to the client’s eyes. What turns people off from a webpage is because as the page loads up, the design is just so loud that it strains the eye. Therefore, it should be one that is relaxing to the eye and has harmonious colors that are inviting.

Over all, a good website design shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can do a lot when it comes to promoting and keeping your client. 


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