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What the Heck is a Niche Store and Why Do I Need One?

In today’s Internet market there are literally hundreds if not thousands of get rich quick methods and ways to make money. Every once in a while something new will hit the market and everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tries to make their first million on it. Usually those type of methods never really work. Too many people get involved and saturate the market. Pretty soon you are competing with thousands of others that are doing the same thing.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting involved with an internet business is taking on the mentality that they will get rich quick. For 99% of all people this will not happen. I am not saying you won’t become rich with a internet business, I am saying it will not come fast. It takes work and it takes time.

Some ways to make money are better than others. One in particular is focusing on building a niche store. Now remember there is no get rich quick ideas here; only tried and true tested ideas that will get you a nice income over time. So lets look at what building a Niche Store is all about.

I am going to use eBay as our target because of the massive following they have with customers and users. eBay has gained a loyal following and billions of people do business with them. Since there are so many people doing business with eBay, it makes all the sense to leverage these billions of users and customers. Please do not run out and setup an auction on eBay or get one of their eBay stores. This is not what I want you to do. All you need to do is setup an eBay Affiliate Site. Affiliates sites don’t auction anything, they drive traffic to products or services on eBay. They do it in a way that can make you a very good income over time.

Now the great thing about doing something like this, is the entire world is not jumping on the bandwagon. You don’t have to compete with hundreds or thousands of other people and you don’t have to do tons of work to get this kind of business setup.

One thing I like to talk about is not reinvent the wheel. Successful people copy or leverage what is working for someone else.

So how do we setup one of these stores? It is really simple. But first I want you to think about a niche that you are passionate about. Make sure you are passionate about it, because when the money starts to roll in you want to keep the process going. One store turns into two stores and two stores turns into three stores..etc.

The difference between those that are successful with this kind of business is simply passion. The more passionate you are about your business the more successful you will be.

What you don’t want to do is walk into a new business blind. Copy and leverage what has worked for others. Your want to know what you are getting into, the efforts involved, tips and tricks on being successful in this kind of business.

Setting up a store like this can be easy or a disaster. It is a bit difficult if you do not know what you are doing. I recommend not going at it alone. There are a lot of good resources out there on the internet to get you moving forward. Yet the most important thing you want to do is ensure you have found a good niche product in eBay to market. Once you find your niche, take a look around and find out what others are doing with their stores. See what is working and what is not working. Your success is based on understanding the market trends.

This strategy is very similar to how a regular retail store is run. They find the trends and then execute on those trends. When the trends start to change, they move out of a new trend and into another. A great way to find out what the trend is on eBay is to watch their front page. It changes with the trends. What is hot for three months may be dead within two week.

How much can you make? You can usually make anywhere from 30% to 68% of the sale for each item you market. One of the best things about this business is the auctioneers on eBay love niche stores. Who wouldn’t want free marketing and advertising done for them?

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, it can be a good solid business with a lot of potential to grow. There is never a lack of items being auctioned off in eBay. they are just waiting for someone to come along and market them.

Art Saborio is an avid reader and comes from many years of marketing internet experience. He has more free information on internet marketing at

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